Kate and Lucy Ball and Chalk
Ball and Chalk

It’s always lovely to be told something you own is beautiful, but the inevitable question…"where did you get it” makes some people nervous - you don’t always want to see your treasured finds in other peoples houses!  Ball and Chalk was born out of having these feelings but also knowing that by supporting small collectives of artisans and designers we could share finds without them becoming too mainstream. 


Ball and Chalk is a collection of beautiful, independent and unique lifestyle products sourced from around the world by us, Lucy and Kate.  As passionate travellers we have found a way to keep combing the globe in the name of ‘research’, discovering treasures that you’ll hopefully love but more importantly not see everywhere! We aim to show you designs that are either one off pieces or that are imported in such small quantities that when they are gone they are gone. 

Many of our products have a heart warming provenance and we pay particular attention to stocking items with a sound environmental or ethical story.